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We spoke with our distributor in Florida regarding the following water test and the amount of the gift card offered. The dealer has spoken with the consumer regarding this matter and offered them a gift, in addition to the standard $25 Home Depot gift card, which they give with every water test. If you have any questions regarding this post or any other, please contact us at
Customer service

While shopping in Home Depot I was approached by a woman with a tablet asking if I minded participating in a short survey. I did and thought nothing further of it until the following week when I'm driving to work and get a phone call from Laverne from Home Depot.

She asked if I remembered doing a survey and when I said yes, she congratulated because I was eligible to receive a $200 Home Depot gift card if I agreed to have a technician come to my home and test my water. It was before Hurricane Irma and we were busy preparing but, given the amount of the card, I agreed. I asked her how I get the card and she said that once the technician finished the presentation, I would receive a link in my email (she asked me for my email address) for the gift card. The technician, Vincent (nice guy) came and did the presentation.

At the conclusion, he handed me a handwritten card to mail in to receive a $20 gift card. I complained, told him what happened and he knew who Laverne was. I've gone back and forth with Rain Soft and also Home Depot (who sent me a $25 gift card) and have heard no conclusion as to why an employee would deceptively misrepresent herself as an employee of Home Depot and promise a $200 gift card in order to secure an appointment. Perhaps she had a quota to meet.

In any case, if I was remotely considering the purchase of a water treatment machine, I would certainly not choose a company that was deceptive or condoned this deception from the outset.

So if they call you, hang up. I should have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rainsoft Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Deceptive Practice.

Monetary Loss: $175.

Preferred solution: I want the $175, which when added to the $25 from Home Depot, I was supposed to get for listening to a presentation..

I didn't like: Being lied to.

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