Rain Soft does rip people off. I have a friend thats a rep.

Before we becam friends he didn't know that I was a new Rain Soft Customer. He needs to release a tell all. They tell them what to say and the water testing kit is a set up. They use only there items and are vauge when answering questions.

They install the sysyem immediately so that you can't do research or change your mind.

I have had my water tested by 3 private companies and my water is still testing hard. The price of the sysyem is ridiculous. The rep got to my husband not me.

The system still isn't doing what it needs to do and has a leak. When Rain Soft Techs test my water....it reads soft...three other independant companies and test kits that I have purchased say that the water is hard.....i'll let you draw your own conclusions..................

Review about: Rainsoft Water Conditioning System.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Interesting. I've owned my Rainsoft softener for 20 years and only occasional repairs.

Obvious the water is softer after installing.

Always had great service guys. Good product.


It doesn't matter that the dealers are independent. You have a business contract with them so they can sell your product.

You are tied to them the same as a car company is tied to its dealers. RainSoft should do a better of following up with their dealers. But they don't with their customers, so why would they with their dealers. I also should have done a better job researching your company before I made a purchase.

My mistake. You may have a good product, but it has problems. Your service is terrible and your product is overpriced. It amazes me that you are still in business.

I am not surprised at all the hate you are getting.

Also, there is no teenager around, so if you have an issue with my spelling, keep it to yourself. If you are representive of Rainsoft, then everyone can see by your rudeness what kind of service they will receive from your company.


Wow, that was painful to read. Maybe next time you can have a teenager proofread your post...it couldn't be any worse.


Besides the salt; what else do these units need. Liguids in the taller tank? Need to know


RainSoft is manufacture of water treatment equipment since 1953. RainSoft is not a franchise.

RainSoft sells it water and air products to independent dealers all over the world. Unfortunately some of the dealer’s sales and marketing practices come into question. This is an industry problem and not just RainSoft problem. Here at our manufacturing facility we work very hard with our dealers and their customers to solve all types of problems.

We welcome and encourage all customers or future customers to contact us and let us help resolve any issue you have. You can contact us at 800 860 7638 and ask for customer service or technical support depending on your problem or contact us at rainsoft@305spin.com

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