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If you still need help getting service, just contact us at or call 1 800 RAINSOFT, and we will take care of you.
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I purchased a rainsoft water treatment system in 2004, and it worked fine and I was well pleased with it. About 3 months ago it just stopped working.

I always added the salt as instructed, and the last salt I put in, was when I noticed it had stopped working. It is a shame to have invested so much money into a product that just stops working for no appartent reason. Does anyone out there know who I need to contact to get service? I would really appreciate it.

Another complaint I have is that the salesmen they have out there do shady things behind your back.

I signed the contract and someone forged my husband's signature on the contract so that he too, would be responsible for paying for this system. My husband was out of town when I signed the papers, but somehow my husband's signature magically appeared on the contract.

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call 1 800 rainsoft. they will contact closest dealer


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