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After some difficulties with our dealer getting in touch with Eduardo, this matter has been addressed. Our dealer sent us the following response from Eduardo:

Good morning Ruth. I just want to thank you for hearing me out and listen to my issues. I'm very happy to hear from you personally when called me back I really appreciated for following through with the issue.

Our dealer’s response to Eduardo: Thank you for taking the time to send this email. I'm deeply grateful you allowed us the opportunity to come out and provide you the quality of service you expect from us! Please save my number and call me direct if ever the need arises!

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Update by user May 13

Ruth respectfully called me and talk about the issues. She will send another technician that will take care the problem to make sure it's in order.

Original review posted by user Apr 13

I recently have my rain soft system service for maintenance on 4-10-18 Tuesday. The person went to my home and check the system and said to my wife that the salt are low that she should put more.

My wife told him that's why I pay for your service. Usually I don't have check what they do, but I notice couple days later that the cover of my salt container and computer system where on the floor then I check if anything damage hopefully not but the servicer did not even bother to cover the salt container and computer are on the floor. There some debris inside my salt container.I tried to call Rain Soft in Victorville I have no one to complain to because everyone was off. Ok someone must be in charge.

I just want to know why would they do that to your paying customer that on time every month and that's what I get for my service.

I hope they fix that problem with customer service because without us it they don't have a company to run or manage because people will get tried get something better everything can be replaced and good service can have a big impact on your business. Thank you.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rainsoft Filtration System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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