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We received the following response from our distributor who services Arlington, Texas: We have checked into this information and verified we did do a survey for this customer at our local Home Depot store. At the end of the survey we ask for their personal information (name, address, and phone number, and a signature) and tell them they may be selected for a gift from our company.If they are selected they will be contacted.

Kim (one of our marketing reps that has been with us for 8 years) contacted Mrs. Sadler and she scheduled an appointment for the water test and a gift card for their comments and opinions on the water test. We sent a rep out to their home on March 23rd and they sent the rep away. It is possible (and it does happen) that she scheduled an appointment and forgot to mention it to him. We are sorry for Mr. Sadler’s frustration. We have instructed our marketing department not to call them back and try to reschedule the appointment.

I believe the product is likely a great product from what I have read.

However, the sales lead generation is the problem here. My wife and I were approached by a young man at Home Depot taking a "water survey." He asked a few questions about our water and then asked my wife for our contact info. I believe there was some sort of sweepstakes, but he did not make that clear.

I questioned his need for our email and phone and he responded that they would only call us if we won the sweepstakes. I was not convinced, and sure enough, a few days later they called us twice. I didn't answer. They left no message.

Then in the afternoon, a Rainsoft / Envirotech rep showed up at my house and said we had an appointment. We didn't. I sent him away. I felt a bit bad for him. But the leads they are paying for are not real leads.

I tried to bring my comments to the local dealer's site, but her had nothing but 4 and 5 start reviews posted, so obviously bad reviews are not allowed through their "review" process.

Sad stuff. I hope they do better. The product seems legit.

Reason of review: deceptive marketing.

Preferred solution: Just trying to let the company know they have an issue, and should pay more attention to their sales channels..

I didn't like: Marketing tactics at home depot.

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