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Glen Saint Mary, Florida

they had no business calling me. when we called a year ago to see if they installed a product we had we were offered to buy a 7000 unit.

another company did the work we needed. a man came yesterday and changed tubes #1 to#2 my clorine level is so high you can smell it. now the company i hired has to come and reinstall the tubing i have a dangerous level of clorine.

i believe they should not charge me since i had nothing to do with buying their merchandise. tomarrow it will be changed back i want my money back

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Bruce Crossing, Michigan, United States #21016

heard employees state no discount to military only local police etc.policy is ammoral.saddened me and never will bring grandkids back

Lancaster, New Hampshire, United States #21015

saw with my own eyes refusal to give two young men on a convoy a discount for a drink and the other three items from dollar menu. reason given only police get discount "we like having them around.

onr boy looked at the other and said to him "we faced more bullets" i am ashamed of mcdonalds and have lots of grandkids i used to take there.its shamful when a charitable rich org. doesnt show honor toward military and family. so many are injured for life others died. "policy needs to change in macclenney fl.

ive spoken to all i can so far. even the corp. and left message on district managers cell phone. i know of no change in "policy and would like those who care check out the mcd.

near you on this issue.i even wrote to the local paper been ignored.

i believe this town could make mcd. change "policy" if aware of what i heard with my own two ears.


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