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The customer’s concerns have been addressed by their local distributor. At this time the customer has received their gift card and a technician has been to their house and verified their equipment is working properly. The dealer has reported that everything has met the customer’s satisfaction. If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact us at
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I purchased a rainsoft filtration product. Prior to sale rep made alot of promises that were not kept.

Their customer support is horendous, full voice mail and no call backs. The manager is constantly getting in or out of his car and can't talk, or the latest one where he can't hear you due to a bad connection, or to be told to call someone who can help only to leave a message and not get called back. There was a problem with the function of the system. They did address but the alarm feature did not work.

If follow up retest visit took place problem would have been discovered much earlier. The referral program is a joke. They went out on demo I never recieved an email or gift card. When I questioned this the manager tells me I only get $100.00 if sale is made, not what I was told at demo.

The company is poorly run from the top down.

Not only am i frustrated but I have doubt about reliability of product. Does it really filter water as presented or was it all smoke mirrors and alot of BS.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rainsoft Ec5 Water Conditioning System.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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