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The local dealer did take care of this issue and the customer is sissified. If anyone has any questions regarding this person's post or any other concerns please contact us at
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Funny how RIGHT after we purchased our new home, the phone calls began about having our water tested. We agreed to have a representative come and give us a free in-home consultation.

the rep was very friendly, knowledgable and informed us how much money that we would be saving between the cost of detergants, soaps, not having to buy bottled water etc... He was very skilled in the practice of high pressure sales tactics. I can honestly say, I wished that I had listened to my gut instinct. This Rainsoft system has been nothing short of a money pit.

Once a year $125 maintence service only to have the system non-operational less than six months later. I call and complain and am referred to a supervisor, Nick Snyder at 800-382-7638. He informs me that their services carry a 30-day warranty. WHAT !!!#%#!@*!&#^!#^

30-day warranty.

But Nick states that for $40 he will send a technician out to investigate what the problem may be. We just had the timing motor changed 4-months ago. What kind of company only warrants their products or services for 30-days. This company should be investigated by the States Attorney's Office.

If nothing else, everyone who has issues with Rainsoft should flood the Better Business Bureau. Buyer Beware, do your research firts before falling victim to Rainsoft's high pressure sales peoplel.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rainsoft Sales Representative.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I don't know much about the sales side of the business but I know a lot about service. The "tune up/10 point check/preventive maintenance" what ever it is they call it for the softener isn't really needed to be done every year.

If you get it done every few years you should be fine. Generally systems that have had them done at least semi regularly will last 15 to 25 years. Which is a long time for something to last these days if you think about it. And as far as the cost, if you crunch the numbers even if you don't do the maintenance and the thing does break you would only be charged 40 to come out and fix it plus a few parts...heck of a lot cheaper than over 100 a year also if you have the ro or other components check online for off brand replacements but be careful when you install them, if you break something there's no one to call and blame it on.

One more little tip, take advantage of the warranty for service period call them on the 25th day or so any time you have it serviced to have someone come out and check while its still free.

It may annoy them but you paid them a lot of money and should get every pennies worth out of if. Hope some of this helps!


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