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My complaint is over the useless complaints about rainsoft salesmen. Please comment the product and not the salesperson.

People are doing their job, some very passionate and understand the health benefits. Sales JOB is THEIR job. Complaining about sales-pitch time and jumping salesreps doing their job is useless information about the rainsoft products. My free 2hr demonstration was impressive.

What's your results of the softener systems and byproduct results on our earth?

Quit whining while trying to get FREE stuff! I plan to buy when afforded in cash, and pending further research as I wish to stay green.

Product or Service Mentioned: Rainsoft Water Conditioning System.

Monetary Loss: $6700.

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you can do your *** little 2hr side show all you want but it is all useless. I know the sales pitch and scam you salesmen do for rainsoft because I worked as a service tech for 4 years in maryland and the equipment and the sales departments are all the same.

Its like you all are cut from the same mold!

Rainsoft is nothing but a pile of ***, and if you have to take 2hrs of somebodies time to sell something that if really works would sell its self. So dude go bacpk to your soap box and shut the *** up!!!


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