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RainSoft in Nashville - Great Company

We love our RainSoft system and appreciate it every day. Yes, expensive, but worth it!! Like Our salesperson was great and upon his arrival, my husband and I were braced to say no to any high pressure sales tactics. We were pleasantly surprised and impressed with his knowledge of the product and evaluation of our water. We purchased this without hesitancy and have no regrets whatsoever! Our water is appreciated every day, and benefits are numerous. We are also happy that our pets have this wonderful water to enjoy! All of the employees associated with our experience have been very helpful also.

Rainsoft - Good experience

It was expensive but I'll say I think that it was worth it. I've had the system for about 5 years. The grout in my shower was turning discolored until I got rainsoft and that completely stopped all deterioration. Also the shower heads and faucets all over the house were getting corroded due to our city water, but have completed stopped and have been restored to previous condition. The water is great to the taste so all in all worth it. No problem buying, carrying home and adding salt. No problem with the company, they come once a year to change filters. Its been a good experience and I recommend it.

Rainsoft Ec5 Water Conditioning System Review from Lake Elsinore, California

We purchased the EC5 with the drinking water system. WOW! Ive owned water softeners before but ive never had water like this! There truly is a huge difference between water treatment companies and equipment. We are RainSoft customers for life. Chris our salesman was amazing! Very knowledgeable and honest. I highly recommend RainSoft to all of my Arizona neighbors.

RainSoft's reply to: Cancel service

Hi Williamson,
We appreciate your feedback and request that you contact your local RainSoft dealer who sold and installed your system - Coastal Energy, Water and Air, located in Pompano Beach (tel# 954-333-3336). They can address any issues you may be having with your RainSoft equipment.
Thank you.
RainSoft Customer Service
Williamson J

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Verified Reviewer

Cancel service

I don't like the way the water is, specially when I'm showered it's so slipped and left dirt in the toilet bowls and since the air conditioner never stops working even on auto. I really don't like it on my ski that's why I unplugged the the tanks outside

Preferred solution: Just cancel the service

RainSoft's reply to: No pressure in my reverse osmosis drinking water system

If you are experiencing pressure issues from your reverse osmosis, it may be time to have your filters changed or air may need to be added to the storage tank. Your local RainSoft dealer can assist you with this. Please call Anderson Water Systems, located in Rochester, NY. (tel# 585-385-6610). For additional assistance, please feel free to call us tel# 800-860-7638.
Thank you.
RainSoft Customer Service
map-marker Rochester, New York

No pressure in my reverse osmosis drinking water system

No pressure getting my RO water into the refrigerator and counter faucet Been Been a customer for over 12 years

User's recommendation: Consider other companies

RainSoft's reply to: Line broke under sink

Hi Tavares,
We apologize for the trouble you're experiencing with your RainSoft product. To schedule service on your system, please call Quality Water Systems located in Houston, tel# 936-756-4999. Please feel free to contact us directly at rainsoft.info@pentair.com with any questions or if you're needing further assistance.
Kind Regards.
RainSoft Customer Service
Tavares J Hhl
map-marker Tomball, Texas

Line broke under sink

Water line came a loose under the sink and water ran out rapidly I turned system off for now to see if it can be repaired

Preferred solution: Fix a leak

RainSoft's reply to: Lack of Results

Dear Mel,
We appreciate you notifying RainSoft of the issues you experienced with the Cleanstart and apologize for the inconvenience it has caused you. We're happy to hear our distributor in Tempe, Arizona was able to work with you to find an amicable resolution. We have found the CleanStart has been a reliable laundry product that has been used for many years both residentially and commercially. It is designed to add oxygen to cold water which improves cleaning power and ideally reduce the amount of detergent and the need for hot water in the washing machine.” We are sorry this system did not work for you.
Kind Regards.
RainSoft Customer Service
Mel P Bbm

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Verified Reviewer
| map-marker San Tan Valley, Arizona

Lack of Results

On 10/02/2021 we had an in-home water quality demonstration with Ray Pauchek. We were very impressed with his knowledge of the areas water quality and the capability of your systems.

Using less soaps and detergents along with not having to use rinse aids in the dishwasher is exciting! We readily agreed to a treatment system and were advised that you guys would come back out to retest the water after installation. I started gathering all the laundry soaps, scent boosters, fabric softeners and dishwasher rinse aids to give away.

We were also sold on your CleanStart system and immensely excited by the technology! Ray explained how you really only need to use the rinse cycle on the machine for optimal cleaning, that he has not used laundry detergent or fabric softener in years and that clean clothes shouldnt smell like laundry soap or fabric softener if they were truly clean.

Understanding the concept of NOTHING left behind in the fabric after washing was eye opening and we told everyone we knew about it.

Installation of both systems was a rough day. The installer advised that the sales consultant (Ray, Im assuming) did not advise the distance from the water meter correctly and that they would have to leave and come back after they finished another scheduled job. They were out front, in the dark, digging a trench until nearly 11pm that night.

I started noticing that the dishes were soaking wet after the heated dry cycle ended in the dishwasher and contacted our home builder because it is a brand new home, with brand new appliances. They opened a ticket with Samsung and we were advised that the dry cycle does not work without using a rinse aid in the dishwasher so now Ive gone out and purchased more Jet Dry, since we obviously need it.

I started noticing that some of our clothes smelled funny kind of like sweat, kind of musty, kind of like when you leave them in the washer for days before putting them in the dryer.

I did a deep clean/sanitize cycle on the washing machine. I released the drain on the bottom of the machine and scrubbed it out. I bought a special washing machine cleaning kit. I became neurotic about the time clothes sat in the washer before being transferred to the dryer.

All of these things I tried over time and through the holidays and vacations and life in general, to no avail. I then figured Id have the conversation with Ray (or someone else) when he came back to retest the water for quality. That never happened.

I reached out with my concerns on 1/4/22 (holidays are over, family has all flown back to where they live, husband is recovered from surgery, oldest daughters wedding is over and life has settled down). The person who answered the phone said Hello, like I was calling her personal phone, no business name, not how can I help you, just hello.

She set up an appointment to have a technician check the CleanStart and to perform the retest on the water.

I was not able to be here when the technician came out but my husband and adult daughter were. The technician checked the CleanStart and advised that even though the sales pitch is that you no longer have to use laundry soap, him and his boss advise that you still use it to get your clothes clean. He advised that he would have his boss or someone reach out to me to further explain and left the house without testing the water.

Now, Im upset. No one has called me.

Im using the (diluted) super concentrated laundry soap in my washing machine and my clothes still smell. Im purchasing scent booster products and my clothes still smell. Im switching to a quick wash cycle in the washer and then a full normal cycle in the washer and my clothes still smell. The only way to get rid of the smell is to run the washer with hot water effectively bypassing your CleanStart product.

So who lied?

Did Ray lie about the CleanStart system in his own home? Did the company lie about how this system is so great that even Marriott hotels use it? Surely, the whole sales pitch (as your technician called it) cant be a lie, can it? THE MONEY-SAVING, ECO-FRIENDLY, DETERGENT-LESS LAUNDRY SOLUTION on the cover of your pamphlet cant all be untrue, can it?

Is anyone ever going to come back to retest the water?

Is someone going to come out and fix this CleanStart to make it operate as advertised or is someone going to refund our money and come pick this thing up?

Now, I am not going to say Im one of those customers that screams Im going to tell everyone I know about it about this bad experience BUT your company is well aware of word of mouth, which is why you have such a robust Rainsoft Ambassador Program. Six units within three years = 100% reimbursement of all equipment is a pretty good referral program but I highly doubt the eight homes under construction on my street alone will be getting the sales pitch from me.

  • Product description
  • Product quality and representation

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution

User's recommendation: Just don’t

RainSoft's reply to: Trying to purchase another system

We're currently looking into this matter with our dealer in California. It appears the customer purchased a system in a different state, which we don't know how long ago that was. As the manufacturer of RainSoft, we offer many different systems from treating water to purifying the air in your home to detergent-less laundry solutions. We're not sure what equipment the dealer included in their quote,
but they have assured us they are looking into this and will continue to work with Carley. If you have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to contact us at rainsoft.info@pentair.com.
Carley L Fhu

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Verified Reviewer

Trying to purchase another system

Charging me double than my 1st Rainsoft equipment. Manager was nasty disposition. I let him no I will get a Rainsoft system.

Preferred solution: The complete system under $9000.00 I am a disabled Veteran on a fix income.

User's recommendation: Right now not good, I rather wait

Derrick S

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Verified Reviewer


Terrible service, called office for weeks to get someone to come out and look at our system, no response or call back after several messages left. I cant believe we paid over $5000 for this system that doesnt even seem to filter or soften the water like the scam artist sales member showed us with his smoke and mirrors show. I know because I tested the water quality after installation and compared it to the hose water from outside and they were basically almost exactly the same. These guys are legitimately scam artist and should be taken to court. I got asked again to take a water test through Home Depot and Rain Soft Water systems. So I took the test with their system in place, fairly sure of the results. They of course called me back and told me I had hard water, not knowing their system was in place in our home. So I let the agent give their whole sales gimmick and then said that is funny because I currently have your system in place and now you are telling me I have really hard water and your system is not working?! She apologized several times and was fairly speechless. All in all they were caught with their pants down and yes I plan to take this up the ladder!
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  • Lies lies lies
  • Does not filter and soften water like agent told us
  • Poor customer service

Preferred solution: Full refund or replacement with something that actually works as the original sales agent told us(filters and softens water).

User's recommendation: DO NOT BUY!!! THIS COMPANY IS A FRAUD!


Thumbs up to this review. Go somewhere else. The price you pay is NOT worth it.


Don't believe my system works AT ALL. LOUSY, EXPENSIVE, RUDE service.


I'm having them take the whole system out of my house .

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RainSoft's reply to: Drinking water tank not filling up

Hi Charlette,
To better assist you, please feel free to contact our Technical Support so they may trouble shoot with you over the phone. Our Technical Support is available M-F, Tel# 800-860-7638. Or, if you prefer you may call your local RainSoft provider located in Houston, Quality Water Systems, Tel# 936-756-4999.
Kind Regards.
Charlette S Shv

Drinking water tank not filling up

We changed our faucet and now the drinking water tank is not filling up. There is water flow and the tank has pressure

RainSoft's reply to: Lousy service, unreliable

We are very sorry for the difficulties Mr. Garrison has experienced with our RainSoft provider. After addressing this matter with our dealer, we understand there appears to have been some miscommunication with the appointments that had been scheduled. Either by the dealer not being able to confirm an appointment on the scheduled day or the cancellation of an appointment. Either way, we are very sorry for the frustration this caused Mr. Garrison.
AlanC G

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Verified Reviewer

Lousy service, unreliable

After having a Rainsoft system installed, Rainsoft disowns you. I have been scheduled 3 (Three) times for an annual service check.

Three times they failed to show up. Calls are ignored or I get transferred and the lines goes dead. Everyone I spoke to said I have the wrong department and transferred me to someone else. This is the WORST company to do business with.

Putting it mildly, Rainsoft SUCKS!

You can take this post for what it's worth, you've been warned. I will NEVER purchase any product from Rainsoft again.


RainSoft's reply to: Servicing

For service on your RainSoft system, please contact A&B Marketing to schedule an appointment.
A & B Marketing, Inc.
6500 Bowden Rd Ste 220
Jacksonville, FL 32216
Phone: (904) 268-0033
Kind Regards.
Aston Ird
map-marker Orange Park, Florida


I need servicing for my RainSoft unit.

RainSoft's reply to: Lifetime warranty we found out after sale costs us $165.95 a year to keep warranty!!!!

Our dealer in Florida met with the customer last week to address his concerns. The tech explained the warranty on all of the products installed and informed him he can change the filters himself if he prefers. The customer was given the address to his local RainSoft office for any future needs. The customer seemed satisfied now that we have taken the time to explain the warranty and the options available to him. If you have any questions regarding this post, please feel free to contact us at rainsoft.info@pentair.com.
Peter G Cru

Lifetime warranty we found out after sale costs us $165.95 a year to keep warranty!!!!

One year to date, on the purchase of our $4000.00 RAINSOFT water purification system and

Reverse Osmosis System we needed a tune up which would COST US $165.95 and $205.00 for new filters on Reverse Osmosis . WHAT????

At 1 year old? Are you kidding me?

Thats what we get for our lifetime warranty?Totally blew this in our sales pitch.


Consumers who buy from RAINSOFT!


RainSoft's reply to: I need to speak to a live person

We reached out to our dealer who services Auburndale, Florida and confirmed a service appointment has been scheduled for 11/24/20. We apologize for the frustration the customer experienced with this matter. If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact us at rainsoft.info@pentair.com.
Rosa S Gcv
map-marker Auburndale, Florida

I need to speak to a live person

I need service and the customer service number just keeps making stupid offers I am not interested in. I need to speak to someone regarding service on my water softener!!!!!

RainSoft's reply to: Would like to get rain soft service and account activated

Our dealer in New Castle, Delaware spoke to Ms. Best the other day to see how they can help her. She said it's already been taken care of and has an appointment set for next Wednesday with someone else. We are not sure what the medical alert is in reference to.
Yolanda B Nlm
map-marker New Castle, Delaware

Would like to get rain soft service and account activated

Person selling Medical Alert Rain soft was not on the line

RainSoft's reply to: Disappointed in "lifetime" warrenty

After reviewing this with our distributor in Florida, it appears the chlorine level in the customer's water supply was high enough that it was effecting the performance of the softener. To best address this problem, it was recommended the customer add a whole house carbon filter in order to remove the chlorine so this problem wouldn't reoccur again, and more importantly so their water is free of chlorine.
Janice M Wdf

Disappointed in "lifetime" warrenty

I'm disappointed that my RainSoft unit died out less than 5 years of having it installed, I needed to replace it for another $1200.00 and I'm not very happy.


Preferred solution: Price reduction

RainSoft's reply to: Reschedule appointment

We apologize for any inconvenience the service call caused. Please feel free to contact us at rainsoft.info@pentair.com with any questions or if there is anything we can address with your local RainSoft dealer.
Ayesha Pyg
map-marker Dover, Delaware

Reschedule appointment

Service person came 30 min earlier and didnt call

RainSoft's reply to: Terrible customer service

We apologize for the difficulties you experienced with your gift cards. We have addressed this matter with our distributor and understand the cards were emailed to you last week. We appreciate your interest in RainSoft and apologize again for the poor experience. If you have any questions regarding this post, please contact us at rainsoft.info@pentair.com.
Lillian P Wew

This review is from a real person who provided valid contact information and hasn't been caught misusing, spamming or abusing our website. Check our FAQ

Verified Reviewer

Terrible customer service

My boyfriend and I signed up to get our free water test and we won a 25 dollar gift. They assured us that we did not have to purchase any that the water test was free and the salesman would bring the gift card.

They did not show up for our first appointment and rescheduled us and said we would receive a 50 dollar gift card instead. The guy came and did our free water test and was very nice and polite. We were interested in the system just not right away that we just moved in and needed to figure out bills first that later down the road we would. After they non-stopped called us to get us to purchase their system we quit answering and we told them we did not want to purchase at the moment.

After a 3-hour water test the salesman did give us our paper to fill out for our gift card but needless to say if you don't buy their system right away they don't send you your gift card...

What a scam. Will not be purchasing their system after the way we were treated!


Preferred solution: My 50 dollar home depot gift card we were promised.

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