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We contacted this customer and their local dealer. There was a communication problem that was resolved due to an old phone number. The dealer went out and serviced the customer and took care of the problem. We did a follow up email and this is his response in bold

Thank you for the follow up, (Great PR) so far it is working great, I had company for the holidays and never ran out, I adjusted it back now that everyone is gone and just the three of us and seems to be doing good. I appreciate your help and I am very pleased with the unit. Seems to be working properly. Again thank you for all you have done.

Scott W

If anyone has questions about this post or any other issues with your equipment or service provider please contact us at and we will help you resolve it ASAP

Scott Harmon
Director of customer satisfaction
RainSoft water treatment systems

Update by user Jan 10, 2014

It has now been a few weeks since the repair and is still working great, again I would like to thank-you for the quick response from Mr S. Harmon and his dedication on getting this whole thing resolved.

Great work Now I can say that I am pleased with my unit.

Thank you


Original review posted by user Dec 07, 2013

I have had nothing but a bad experience with this company, I did get a complete water system with a air cleaner. The only thing that I am unhappy with is the water softener, we had some issues at the beginning that they did take care of but now while we are at home on the weekends and or when we have company we always run out of soft water, we have a well and when soft water is out you know it quick.

I have tried to email them and call them and do not return my calls. I had left a message about upgrading to a double resin bed tanks and like to know what it would cost. You think that they would jump on that being it would be a easy sell. Not this place they just ignore me.

I'm not wanting them to give it to me I was wanting to know the price of the upgrade. I hope they get this and call me because my next step will be the BBB to have them help me to resolve this issue. Or I will go to someone else and still turn them in to BBB. I wouldn't recommend to get this system unless you do all of your home work.

Check out the negative videos about them on the net.

You will be shocked on how they do their sales pitch.

Review about: Rainsoft Water Conditioning System.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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